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Free Apex Coins 2021

Get free Apex Legends Coins today with all these proven and legit method for your Apex Legends. You can get free Apex Coin without spending any real money with these proven methods.

Free Apex Coins Without Human Verification

We have seen many methods which claim to give you free Apex Coins or other Apex game cosmetic but all of them required “Human Verification or user should be above 18+” to those online generators.

Apart from that many online tools are broken and did not give the desired Apex coin in the account. To deliver free Apex coin every online tool show breaking into apex server, that is not possible in present scenario as it has thousands of IT personnel deploy to thwart any possible break into the server.

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Features of Apex Coin Generator

  • Free to use (we promise not to monetize this method)
  • This method can work on all available browsers
  • 100% ban proof for your Apex Legends account
  • 100% working method to get free Apex coins in 2021
  • Free from any kind of malicious malware or virus or trojan
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  • It works perfect with all kind of devices, like PC, Gaming Console
  • You can use this method for Xbox, PS4 to get free coins
  • You can only claim Apex coins no cosmetic items in this online generator
  • 100% IP protection and hiding
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Apex Coin Generator 2021

As we have discussed earlier, this online generator is being developed by game enthusiast and for all gamer around the world, that why this method is free of cost. This method did not involve any download which means that it is free from any virus or malware which usually gets into the system when you download any kind of broken software.

We also ensure this online service is available to all countries and region which included many third world countries where this game has not been released yet.

We ensure that there will be no age restriction to use this method so that our young gamers did not stop at human verification or age verification barrier. So, in the null set, this online tool has been developing to cater to all type of age groups without being subjected to the only tier-1 country.

How does Free Apex Coin Generator work?

Well, we are going to give you honest confession as we do not or did not try to break into any server of Apex or Epic games. We have come up with a revolutionary idea where we come up with different loophole present in the third-party website, as you have seen many third-party websites also sells apex coins with real money. We try to escalate those services and get free Apex coins.

Put your Apex legends game id in the search box and put how much Apex coins you require, your game account will be filled with that amount within 3-min to time.

Statutory warning

You all are advised to give only your Apex legends userid or name, where apex coins can be sent. We did not require any password, and we don’t have any possible method to recover or get your password. Do not give your Apex legends password in this website or anywhere online; we advise to restrain giving your Apex legends password to anyone online.

Enter Your Account Details To Proceed

Note: We never ask for your password.

03 proven method for Free Apex Coins

If you did not want to use online Apex coins tool, then you can safely use these methods also to get free Apex coins. These methods are proven and tested method but require time to execute it; we recommend you all to use this method to get some free Apex coins.

These methods involve time spending of 30-min to 1-hour online to complete some task; these tasks will fetch you some coins or points which again can be used to get digital Gift Cards. You can exchange or redeem those Gift cards for Apex Legends official currency Apex legends coins.

  1. GPT websites
  2. GPT Mobile Apps
  3. Giveaways

1. GPT websites

GPT websites are those online websites which give rewards points for completing a certain task. You will be given many tasks per day depending on the country you are residing in. You need to complete those small tasks to earn points, this point or coins when accumulated can be exchanged for any online Digital Gift Card. These Digital Gift Card later can be exchanged for free Apex coins.

Tasks which you need to perform at that GPT website

  • Complete small surveys
  • Watch video ads
  • Click on different ads and open it for 30 second
  • Promote any link or product in social media
  • Fill out any reply emails
  • Install free software in your PC or smartphone

2. GPT Mobile Apps

You can also earn points or coins using GPT mobile apps which are a great way to earn online. These are similar to GPT websites and gives the same result when using properly. You need to complete a small task to earn some coins or rewards, which can fetch you a Digital Gift Card.

 the task needs to be performed in these GPT mobile apps

  • Install or play different games
  • Install software and use them for 3 to 4 days
  • Install the game and clear a certain level in the game
  • A complete a small survey in the mobile app
  • Log in daily to get points
  • Watch video ads from these mobile apps

3. Giveaway

You can find major giveaway organize in different social media fans like Facebook and Reddit. Check all those fan pages and participate in the Apex legends giveaways. Although the majority of these are for “apex starter pack” and Apex founder pack. Occasionally you will also receive many free Apex coin giveaway. So keep on searching these Apex legends fan page and giveaway.

Final thought

We have extensively tested all the online website which claim to provide free Apex Coins and did not find a single website which works. We found out that all these online tools website is showing that they are breaking into the apex legends game server, which is impossible and that why they did not deliver anything in the end. We have come up with a best possible solution, and we escalate the third-party website which provides apex legends coins with money. We hope you use our services and comment below if you face any problem or any advice on what you want to include further in this online generator.