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Top 5 Alternative GAmes To Apex Legends

Apex legends is the newest game in the battle royal category which has reached the pinnacle of the success in term of active and concurrent players battling in the game. If you rely on figures then, it is worth to know that Apex Legends has reached 20 million players in the matter of one week.

So, many online players are participating in the Battle Royal that Apex legends have to make new servers to accommodate a huge number of players. Apex legends success did not stop on adding players to its servers. It is now the second most earning game in the world.

So, are you looking for an alternative of Apex legends which you can check when Apex legends servers were down for maintenance?

Well, we have summarized top 05 alternatives of Apex legend which is worth to check when Apex legends servers are down for maintenance.

05 Alternative of Apex Legends

  1. Fortnite
  2. PUBG
  3. Garena Free Fire
  4. H1Z1: Battle Royale
  5. Last Man Standing

So, let’s find out which games stand a chance to come closer to Apex legends in term of gameplay or active players.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale was the no1 game before Apex legend in the category of Battle Royale. Developed by Epic games this game has all the ingredient to becoming no1 in battle royal, one thing which is missing in this game is its available on a mobile platform, which makes a dent in the game number of players.

Fortnite uses carton like characters, and lots of drawing are straight from the cartoon movies. Look at the trees and houses which has cartoon inscription in it; you will never be bored playing Fortnite game, as this will introduces lots of characters and will keep on entertaining you during the battle.

2. PUBG (players Unknows Battlegrounds)

Realistic graphics with a real copy of weapons, this game has it all which you need in a great game, welcome to read Battle Royale. PUBG which has a tremendous presence in the mobile platform is the second best to Apex legends in terms of online players. You will find thousands of players battling in this game for the last spot, where you or your team members will be declared a winner.

PUBG has created history in the gaming world and was no1 before Fortnite, and Apex legends hit the Battle Royal category. PUBG has inspired all the games to make money out of this category and was the father of all Battle Royal games.

3. Garena Free Fire

Another blazing hit Battle Royale category is “Garena Free Fire” which has more than 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play stores alone which is way far enough for PUBG. Garena Free Fire is the beaten version of PUBG and is available free of cost to all mobiles. One thing which goes in favor of Free Fire is the compatibility, you cannot install PUBG in lower-end mobile phone, and it will not run smoothly in the 2GB RAM, whereas Garena Free Fire will run smoothly on 1 GB ram and will not hog much of your mobile RAM and power.

Garena Free Fire is similar gameplay as PUBG, but it has maps accommodation of 50 players only, which means the game will start within 1-min and it did not have any bots. Games are extremely competitive with hundreds of events going on with daily task need to complete for the daily crowns.

Garena Free Fire also has introduced wise country servers which means if you are residing in the USA, you will only allow playing with USA members, no more Chinese members bossing around. This features also give fast accessibility of the game without giving any lag. With the same country server, you can chat and talk with your friends with your local language which is not common in PUBG and other game which allow other country players in all games.

4. H1Z1: Battle Royale

Inspired by the PUBG and Fortnite, many game developers begin making games which are similar to these games, in the category H1Z1: Battle Royale came as the latest entry. The game is very simple and has the same rule, survive until the end.

You can form a partnership or play solo and become the last survivor to win the match. To make the whole match more competitive, you need to be in the safe zone which keeps on becoming small after a certain time, forcing all the players to stay inside the safe zone.

5. Last Man Standing

Another copycat of PUBG style game which forces the players to stay in the safe zone and keep on battling it out for the last man standing. You will find many attractive and free characters in the game which you will find missing in PUBG. It also has a massive map of and will accommodate around 100 players in one game similar to PUBG style. You need to explore the maps and environment for weapon and guns to keep yourself safe from all the enemy while keeping yourself inside the safe zone.

Final words

So, these are the best alternative of Apex legends which are worth to check, if you ever need an alternative. We recommend you all to check all the games one time so that you will know which games are more suitable for your gameplay.

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