Free Apex Legends Battle pass

Apex Legends Battle Pass For Free

Get ready for the intensive battle on Apex legends as game developers have released the much-awaited Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Now you can unlock the first 25 levels without being into the battles; you need to pay around 950 Apex coins which come under $10 to unlock the Battle Pass and 2,800 free apex Coins to unlock 25 levels, which cost around $30.

Now Battle pass will come in two packages one will cost you $10, and others will cost you with $30. If you purchase the $30-dollar package, then you can start the game with 25 levels as these will be open for you.

But if you purchase only the basic package for a Battle pass, then you need to start the game with level one.

Welcome to the Apex Legends Battle Pass which has many new additions apart from new game characters, which will definitely heat up the challenges for all the people out there. Some of the game cosmetics which you can expect to get in the Apex legends Battle Pass at every level are given below

  1. The skin of lifeline revolutionary, mirage outlaw, and wraith survivor
  2. Tracker- season one kill as a wraith
  3. Harvest skin and Apex pack (rare)
  4. Hemlock patchwork skin
  5. Wild Frontier Badge to show in the lead board
  6. 50 Apex coins when you level up
  7. Tracker- season one kill as a bloodhound
  8. Navigation skin of Prowler
  9. Season one wins as Bangalore – Wild Frontier Badge
  10. +5% BP points Booster for your Characters
  11. Mirage banner
  12. Longbow weapon Navigator skin
  13. Badge of Wild Frontier
  14. Octance banner Frame
  15. Wraith frame banner
  16. Mozambique Navigator weapon skin
  17. Pathfinder
  18. Kraber Harvest weapon skin
  19. Wild frontier badge to show
  20. EVA-8 weapon patchwork skin
  21. Flatline Navigator weapon skin

And many more included in the Battle pass season one.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Season

As press released by Apex legends game developers, Apex legends battle pass will have four seasons in one year and these seasons will last for 03 months. The date of release of these seasons are as given below

  1. Season 1 – March 2019
  2. Season 2- June 2019
  3. Season 3- Sep 2019
  4. Season 4- December 2019

Each season will fetch players with new characters, weapons, new skins, new cosmetics like clothes, bags, hats, shields, banners, frames and new loots. With each season battlefields will be intensified, and more and more new characters will be introduced into the game.

Final words

Like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex legends also started their premium service of Battle Pass. You can purchase these Battle Pass as if you want to compete with top players in the game; then you must purchase these Battle Pass. Apex Legends Battle Pass will also give you many weapon skins which give you the added benefit of damage which helps you in eliminating your enemy.

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