Apex Legends Beginners Tips

Top 5 Apex Legends Beginners Tips

So, you are new to Apex Legend and try to pull up your socks to play with other game legends in Apex Legends. Let check some awesome 05 beginner tips in Apex legends which will enable you to kick ass pro players of Apex Legends.

Top Beginner tips of Apex Legends

1. Know Your Weapon

 Before you begin your journey in Apex Legends, you should know your weapon and how they are fit into the category. We advise you to check out how each weapon are categorized according to the distance they can fire with their damage capacity.

Practically all weapon are categories according to three different range.

  1. Short Range
  2. Mid-Range
  3. Long distance Range

There are more than 19 weapons in Apex legends which you need to categories under this range.

Typically, there are 06 types of category of Guns which will frequently get in Apex Legends.

  1. Assault Rifles
  2. Shotgun
  3. Sub Machine Guns
  4. Light Machine Guns
  5. Pistol
  6. Sniper Rifles

Before you begin your battle, try to know each of these categories and when to use these guns in the time of the battle.

Assault Rifles are the most common rifles and are multi-purpose, which can be used for Mid-distance range to long distance range with optic attachment. In Assault Rifle you can have Flatline, Hemlock, and R-301

The shotgun is used to clear enemy in close distance or short range; this uses different ammo and will burst the splinters to the enemy to kill them in one shot. The shotgun is good in close distance fight, but you need to be very careful as they take lots of time to recoil or reload. Some of the shotgun are EVA8 auto, Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and Mosambique.

Sub Machine Guns are used to clear the enemy in a close encounter, and the rate of firing of bullets are very fast. Sub Machine Guns are used effectively when you point them to the enemy head and empty all your ammo on the enemy face. Some of the submachine guns are Alternator, R99, and Prowler.

Light Machine Guns have a similar rate of firing as submachine guns, but these deliver heavy damage as compare to submachine guns, some of the light machine guns are Devotion and Spitfire.

Sniper Rifles are used to clear long-range enemy with one shot; you need to be very accurate with sniper rifles as these take longer loading time as compare to another weapon. Sniper Rifles are very effective when the enemy is harboring behind any wall or obstacles, and you need to clear them to go ahead in the game. Use Sniper Rifles when they are sitting or hiding behind any obstacles, do not attack them when they are moving or jumping. Some of the sniper rifles are G7 Scout, Longbow, Triple Take, Kraber.

The pistol is the lest preferred weapon in this weapon categories, and it can be used when you did not have any weapon or when you have nil ammo for your weapons. The pistol did not have great range and can be used only in a close encounter; some of the pistols are P2020, RE-45, Wingman.

2. Know your Map

Before you jump into the battlefield the topmost item which you should know is the maps. You should know where you land and where you can find good loot with less enemy. if you are venturing the battlefield with solo, then you should learn the maps first and should know all location by heart.

Knowing the maps is the first thing you should learn as it will help you to hide or take high grounds when an attack by the enemy.

3. Stay with your team members

Be like the wolfs pack, stay together and attack together, you should stick with the same principle as this game is developed as a  team game and you need to stay with your team members. Team members can save you when you are hit by bullets or can exchange you with ammo when you need them.

Play along with your team policy, no matter what the outcome is, you have a better survival ratio when you are with the team and not straying away from the team.

4. Use the high Ground for fighting

One of the no1 important principles of any battlefield is the holding of high grounds. It means you can wipe out all the enemy team members if you have the high grounds with correct angle to shoot. To execute this thing, you need to know the maps by heats and should know all the knocks and corners of any village or city.

5. Know your Safe Zone

Many of the new people did not know the safe zone when they start playing the game. You need to know exactly when the new safe zone has been created and how many times left before that will close down.

Always check the time left and anticipate the distance you need to cover before safe zone close out. If you are new to the Apex Legend game then you should never bother about the time left, you should run for the safe zone immediately when it creates in the game.

Final words

These are the Apex Legends 05 Beginner tips which you need to apply to get into the top league of Apex legends.

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